Classes and Workshops


About Me

Janet has been practicing yoga since 1989 and teaching since 2002. She trained with the Devon School of Yoga, graduating in August 2002 and also a level 3 member of the Register of Exercise Professionals.

In 2014, Janet qualified as a registered teacher for the Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Institute and is qualified to teach Yoga specifically for those with low back pain.  The Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs programme is a 12 seek course of targeted lessons taught in small groups.  This programme was proven to be effective for chronic low back pain by research undertaken at the University of York and funded by Arthritis Research UK.


About Yoga

The word yoga comes from the Sanskrit word meaning union. The core of a practice is to bring us to a sense of wholeness. In the West, the type of yoga most commonly practiced is Hatha Yoga which uses postures (asanas) and breathing (pranayama) to facilitate this holistic process.

The postures give us a way to explore how we hold ourselves, our habits and conditioning and provide the possibility for change.

With regular practice Yoga can improve general health, fitness and wellbeing. The postures encourage a better balance and suppleness along with strength and stamina. Often minor health worries diminish, sleep patterns improve and there is a general sense of well-being. Mentally yoga helps with concentration and dealing with the effects of stress.


Weekly Classes

I teach regular weekly classes in Exminster, Teignmouth and Kingsteignton.  The classes are suitable for most abilities and levels of fitness but please ask if you are not sure whether the class would be suitable.  For those seeking a slower paced, more gentle class, I run a Gentle/beginners Yoga session in Teignmouth on Thursday mornings. All classes are in blocks of  lessons payable in advance. If you would like to join part way through a block of sessions, this is available on a ‘pro rata’ payment basis subject to space being available. A one-off taster class is available for new students for £8.

If you cannot come to your regular class, you are welcome to come along to one of the other sessions. Likewise, if you miss a week you could make up the missed session by coming to another class another week. However, the classes do need to be taken within the block of lessons and missed classes cannot be carried forward to the next block. One to one lesson are also available, please contact me for details.



Workshops take place 4 or 5 times a year and are a great way to deepen your practice.  They are general 3 hours and at weekends and include elements which we don’t normally have time for in weekly classes including held, restorative poses and mindfulness meditation.  Details of the next workshop will be found on the timetable page.


Workplace Yoga

Workplace Yoga is a great way to help offset the affects of stress and a sedentary lifestyle; classes usually take place lunchtime of afterwork in a conference or meeting room.  Current clients include South West Water and Aecom.  If you are interested in having an onsite Yoga class at your place of work, please contact me for further details.