Yoga for Healthy Lower backs

Back pain is a common and debilitating problem, often leading to periods of time off work and inability to enjoy recreational activities.  The Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs programme gently and progressively aims to help people get back to being more active again.  This specialised 12 week course was devised as a result of research into the benefits of Yoga for low back pain.


In 2011, The University of York (Department of Health Sciences, York Trials Unit) ran one of the largest yoga research studies, funded by Arthritis Research UK.  Teachers from the Iyengar Yoga Association (UK) and the British Wheel of Yoga designed and ran specialised 12-week courses in five areas of the UK.  The positive results showing it to be safe and effective were published in the 'Annals of Internal Medicine' ('Yoga for Chronic Low Back Pain: A Randomized Trial'  (H Tilbrook, et al, Nov 1st 2011).  The Cost Evaluation in the Journal 'Spine' (LH Chuang, Aug 15th 2012) showed it to be cost-effective for the NHS, society and the workplace.  A social enterprise has been set up to allow more people to benefit from the same yoga programme used in the randomised controlled trial.


More recently, the NICE Guidelines for Back Pain Draft mentions ‘yoga’ and ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ (see the NICE Press Statement 24th March 2016) and NHS patients will be referred to 12-week Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs courses from September 2016 as a pilot.

The 12 x 75 minute class course comprises easy, foundational Yoga poses.  Props including blocks, blankets and belts are used to aid effectiveness and to ensure absolute comfort.  The Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs course delivers the same yoga, taught in the same way, using the same educational materials, as in the research itself.  The course is designed to give you long-term benefits.  You will be taught to bring postural improvements, mental focus and relaxation techniques into your daily life.  In the research, benefits were still found a year after starting the yoga.  Nine months after their 12-week course had finished, the majority of the research trial's yoga group were still practising yoga at home approx. 30 minutes twice a week.


Class sizes are kept small to allow for individual attention and support.  The course fee includes a handbook, relaxation CD and handout material.  Regular attendance and regular home practice are important to get the most benefit.  You would be aiming to spend about 30 minutes on most days practicing at home.  The total course fee is £165  This includes a £45 registration fee covering the book, CD and handout material; tuition fees of £120 are then payable before your first class.  To find out when the course will be taking place, please contact me or see timetable page